I remember the day …

I remember the day I wrote my first fiction story. I know that sounds odd, but I do. Well, I had written a skit or two in high school. And there was probably a paper here and there that was fictional, but not a real fiction story. Continue reading


Oh, That Infamous Green Dress

Once in a blue moon (note to self: what the heck does “blue moon” mean?? I better look that up first chance I get) I find a piece of clothing so perfect that I wear it forever.

Right now, hanging in my closet, is a red cardigan sweater I got from my husband for Christmas 27 years ago. It is so comfortable, and cozy and nice to wear that it will be cherished until the last thread unravels and it is no longer a recognizable shape. You probably have something like that in your closet, too. Continue reading

You Know You’re a Writer When…

Just for fun, I came up with a list of characteristics that might apply to you as a writer. Some are serious, some are humorous. Enjoy!

You know you’re a writer when:

You have more pens, pencils, notebooks and sticky notes than an office supply store.

You email a writer friend about a character in your novel and your friend’s husband thinks something’s wrong with a real person.

You trip over piles of books on the floor during the night.

Continue reading