In the Beginning

To my Grandma Mabel, cooking was an expression of love and caring. As I stood at her elbow and watched her mix, measure, chop and stir; I became fascinated with how food went together to send a message. As a wife, mother and grandmother I still enter the kitchen with the purpose of not only filling the tummies of the ones I love, but also of sending a message of how much I care about them.


Recipe keeping, for me, began in a Current Inc. Binder, The Keepsake Recipe Collection, for hand writing recipes. I soon filled the binder and began the loose-leaf version of keeping recipes. Not at all a good plan, because I can lose piece of paper while it is still in my hand. By the time Richard, my husband, and I invested in a desktop computer, I was more than ready to begin cataloging the mess into a Word document. Being intrigued with the beginnings of recipes, who they came from and the memory surrounding the first tasting, I began writing stories to go with each recipe. Even though I shared a copy with my daughters, father-in-law and a few friends, I don’t think anyone actually read any of the stories or used any of the recipes. If they did, I never heard about it.

Before long there were so many recipes with their corresponding stories, I could not find my favorites and decided to implement more organization. I divided them into categories but before long found that system all too cumbersome as well. By the time I had my own laptop computer the recipe file had grown not just roots but branches and just finding one could take a half and hour. I printed a paper copy of the file and put it in a binder. It seemed fitting to start and end in a binder, I thought, as I tucked it away in my cook book cupboard. I continued adding recipes and stories to the original Word document but put the binder out of my mind.

In a couple of days I will tell you how something out of mind will still be on the heart and determined to turn from dream into reality.



One thought on “In the Beginning

  1. I, too, love to collect recipes….and have cards, newspaper clippings and many treasured handwritten favorites from my Mother. Unfortunately, I am not really into cooking anymore so they languish in plastic boxes unappreciated. Sigh….

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